Quest 24" speaker stands Retail $110,  special clearance price $77 (1 Demo Pair + 2 New Pair)

Quest 24″ speaker stands Retail $110,
special clearance price $80
(1 Demo Pair + 2 New Pair)

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November 29, 2015

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Posted: January 31, 2012 in Mission & Philosophy

Our mission is to bring the best possible movie or music experience to our customers irrespective of their age or budget. Our ultimate challenge is to create systems tailored to our client’s needs and wants, that represent excellent value, quality and performance at competitive prices. We will strive always to provide outstanding service, using our knowledge to ensure each customer is satisfied. We believe that these principles are the key to our success.


Our Philosophy

Posted: January 31, 2012 in Mission & Philosophy

Many electronics retailers sell audio as a commodity. They use specifications, features and price as the main differences between their products. At Listen Inn the emphasis is on accurate reproduction of sound, whether it be music or movie soundtracks. Our products are “specialty” as opposed to “mass market”. “Specialty” audio products are typically simpler, spending more of their budgets on the parts inside that will improve the sound quality and less on features, lights and buttons. “Specialty” audio manufacturers are not “anti-convenience”, they are “anti-bad sound”. The majority of the products that we sell come fromĀ Great Britain, the U.S.A. and Canada. They will appeal to people who love music & movies and wish to have them sound more like the original event or performance. “Specialty” audio does not necessarily mean expensive, we have systems to fit most budgets.


Hi Fi Hierarchy

Posted: January 31, 2012 in Mission & Philosophy

You will often hear the term hierarchy mentioned with regard to hi-fi systems. It refers to the importance of having the best pieces of equipment closest to the original music source, be it LP, CD or Bluray. The principle is based on an old computer adage: “garbage in, garbage out” and is particularly relevant for hi-fi where every piece of equipment, to some extent, degrades the music passing through it. You should allocate your budget to give you the best source component (CD Player, Turntable or Bluray Player) you can afford, thereby ensuring that you start off with the best possible signal. Spend what’s left on the amp and finally, think about speakers. Doing it the other way around will result in a less satisfactory sound quality. A top notch amplifier won’t improve a poor signal given to it by a poor source, and a highly revealing speaker won’t cover up the inadequacies in a poor amp – it will merely make them more obvious. Once you’ve got the right components, you need to fully exploit their potential. Equipment needs to be supported on rigid stands and cheap zip cord swapped for decent speaker cable. Make sure all electrical connections are clean and tight fitting.